Climate science made easy

Climate science made easy

Climate science made easyClimate science made easyClimate science made easy

About The Greenager

Who is The Greenager?

The Greenager was founded in 2019 by 20-year-old climate activist and future climate scientist Neldon Hamblin, under the pen-name of "The Greenager", in memory of his WWII veteran grandfather's nickname who loved the environment and spent most of his time outdoors. Neldon was born and raised in rural northern Utah and has long been an environmental activist and nature-lover. When he's not blogging, you can usually find him outdoors, admiring the planet's beauty. The Greenager serves as his way of educating fellow youth on issues of climate through social media. 


The purpose of The Greenager is to educate and encourage more youth activism on climate issues by breaking the language barrier between the scientific community and everyday society by summarizing key reports in easy-to-understand formats. 


Are there any specific issues you'd like to see covered? Please, feel free to contact me and I'll be happy to accommodate to most requests and answer as many questions as possible.Thank you for stopping by!